Style and life

We may be what we eat but we are also hugely influenced by those things that surround us. Colour, shape and form, style; all these  have a massive impact on the way we feel and  the way we live.

Our philosophy is simple, these elements are common to furnishings, to accessories, to clothing. In fact, to every artefact!

Our large showrooms are tastefully arranged and decorated, providing a source of inspiration to those who visit. We are known for the beautiful displays of our large collection of carefully chosen home accessories, furnishings and tasteful clothing styles for ladies.

Tá sé ag teacht anuas! The man himself spotted in the skies over Wicklow last year. Keep an eye out!

We wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Strawbridge will be closed from half three on Christmas Eve and will be open again at 10 o'clock on the day after St.Stephen's Day

Grand Winter Sale Commences DECEMBER 27th!

Starting 27th December, our Grand Winter Sale! 40% off Christmas decorations and 20% off furniture.            Not to be missed!

To see some of our lovely Christmas Decorations please follow the link below:


We are proud to support Irish artists and craftspeople, see our page Lámhdhéanta in Éirinn for more.

A year or so ago we decided to bring our carefully acquired experience and knowledge of good design and well judged use of colour to the area of Ladies' Clothing. It has been a great success and we now expand our core collections. Follow this link for all the details: