Our Story

Strawbridge is an eighties baby! We were founded in 1984 and have survived the rigours of two recessions! We know what it takes: innovation, dedication to quality, positivity, value, and great customer service.

We are a family company and have specialised in Furniture and Homeware for 31 years. We are very much associated with our beautiful location in the shopping courtyard at the famous Mount Usher Gardens, Ashford and have become a favourite destination for many of our customers.   For more about our location Click Here to go to the Location Page.

When the company first began we were restoring furniture, stripping and re-finishing old and antique pieces of furniture for resale. We have come a long way since then, expanding our product base and along with our many different furniture lines have been specialising in beautiful homeware accessories too.

We love to get feedback from our customers and are delighted by the many compliments we receive on our displays. We love to hear customers come in and tell us that they are still enjoying their furniture which they bought from us a two decades ago! Some customers even revamp their old Strawbridge furniture with our new paint range to freshen up and customise older pieces!

We know how the interior of your home can affect the way you feel in your own space and how important it is to create the right kind of living space that suits you. Everyone is unique and that’s why our main furniture line (the 'Heritage' collection) can be ordered in a large range of different colours and finishes enabling you to express your individuality and letting your home reflect the person you  are. We also have several different furniture collections to choose from as well as our vast variety of home accessories.

We now hold Saturday morning workshops on how to refurbish your furniture using our Van Gogh Fossil Paint. The workshops are from 10am to 1pm, phone us on 040440502 for booking and availability information.

For information on how to get in touch with us go to our contact page: Contact

The bottom line is; we enjoy making homes beautiful!