Home Décor for Oíche Shamhna

From chic trick or treat goodie bags to your autumn table setting, the most important thing is to have fun with your halloween décor! Embrace the season with pumpkins, candles, colourful leaves and berries and tasty treats to warm you from the inside out! If your not into sticking cut out bats on your windows or draping cobwebs through your home you can still join in by going for a more subtle approach


 Rustic wooden troughs look great on an autumn dining table and are perfect for displaying an array of mixed berries, pine cones, pumpkins and gourds. Add in a few candles to complete the look making sure that your candles don't burn all the way down to the display underneath.


Instead of having large bowls of sweets and chocolates waiting for trick or treaters mix a variety of snacks and sweets in prettily coloured paper bags with ribbon. Add in some fruit and nuts to the mix as well for a more healthy treat. You can get packets of dried fruit and mixed nuts in most food shops.


You don't have to stick to the traditional colour schemes either. If you are painting your pumpkins you could try using softer muted tones with delicate designs on some and then bold block colours on others. If you are not that confident in painting a design directly onto a pumpkin then try drawing it out on paper first or even use a stencil of a design you like.


 Gourds are a great vegetable for autumn décor as you can find some really unusually shaped ones and in beautiful colours too. For something a bit different try painting your pumpkins or gourds instead of cutting them out. Use gold paint as a base or a finished coat to get a warm look or paint your pumpkins white and then use gold or orange to paint a pretty design over them.  Painting your pumpkins is a lot more child friendly than carving them and it means that children can more easily join in with the decorating!


 Candles are very important for creating the right atmosphere both in autumn and winter. Try getting a few different shapes and sizes for a more varied look and display them in different places throughout your home. A candle display will look particularly good when mixed with your pumpkins and other seasonal vegetables. Also try placing a few colourful leaves at the base of your candle lanterns or jars for an autumnal feel. Fallen leaves are perfect for home décor at the moment and a great idea is to take a dried colourful leaf and paint a delicate design over it using thick gold paint. This will make them stand out even more and would be perfect for making a seasonal wreath for your front door. 


Create an edible table display using fruits, nuts, toffee apples and pears as well as hot drinks such as hot chocolate or spiced apple juice depending on your tastes. Although berries look great on a dining table display make sure that children know that they are not edible particularly if they are displayed with other fruits and snacks that people are eating. 

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