Stylish Halloween Décor

We love any excuse to decorate the home and Halloween is no exception! With the beautiful colours of Autumn all around it's hard not to get into the spirit of things. Decorating your home for this magical time can be simple as well as fun. Why not try something a bit different while still keeping the traditional features?

If you want a subtle and elegant look then stick to the natural palettes found at this time of year when decorating. Whether you are using hand made decorations or working with pumpkins and other objects found outdoors you can enhance the natural palette by adding touches of gold. Gold glitter glue, gold paint or small gold decorations can be really striking against oranges, reds and whites. If you're not into the mess that carving pumpkins can create then try an easier vegetable or fruit for a unique twist in your interior. Or you could even paint your pumpkins instead with pretty patterns and display them beside candles so that you still have that beautiful autumn glow.

If you venture to farmers' market stalls you will find a whole range of different types of pumpkin. Which for most are a welcome change to normal orange pumpkins seen in most super markets. White and blue pumpkins are particularly striking. Gourds are also a great alternative to pumpkins and come in lots of sizes usually very manageable to carve and the smaller ones look really cute with little candles inside.

Using fallen leaves for your décor is another really simple way to instantly create atmosphere in your home. Use them as they are, hung up with coloured ribbon or twine or paint beautiful designs on them. They look so beautiful with a delicate patterns painted in white and gold.


To create a bit of a spooky atmosphere you could add a colony of bats made from ribbon or back card. These are so easy to make and would look great when displayed all together. Hang from your bookshelves, windows or even against a mirror as shown here. The mirror will make it look like you have double the number of decorations, creating more of an impact. Card bats are so easy as all you have to do is cut out one and use it as a template for the others, then vary them by adding sequins, glitter, ribbon and lace.

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