Fossil Paint Workshops at Strawbridge

Great progress is being made in our weekly Fossil Paint workshops! This is such a brilliant material to work with and it's so easy to tranform a tired looking piece of furniture in just one workshop.

The range of colours available allow for infinite possibilities in terms of design and style. You can create a shabby chic look, a bright and bold look, an edgy and sophisticated look etc. the possibilities really are endless. As well as the paint we have a whole range of finishing products or 'furniture make-up' which give a really beautiful smooth finish.


We are holding the workshops every Tuesday until the 16th of December, one in the mornings 10:00-13:00 and one in afternoons 14:00-17:00. You can book on 040440502, places are limited. Each workshop will cover different techniques but we are always available to help with any particular requests as well.

Some of our very creative attendants hard at work!

Using découpage on one part of your piece is a really nice and also simple way of creating a uniquely pretty finish. Pick a paper that has touches of the overall colour used on your piece that way if there are a number of different shades in the material it will still fit nicely with the rest of the piece.

If you are unsure of how to use the paint and haven't been to a workshop then we recommend that you begin on a very small piece of furniture or perhaps a mirror or photo frame. This will help you to get used to using the paint and see how it works.