Let There Be Light!

This time of year is a great excuse to breathe new life into your interior! Let's face it, in our climate we don't get much light so it's important to really harness the natural light that we do get into our home. There are lots of clever ways to brighten up a space and make your home seem light and airy!

Adding strip windows into a room with exterior walls is a great idea. These can be heavily glazed so you won't lose much heat and also don't need fussy curtains and blinds which will take away from the light. 

Ceiling and roof windows are great for annex spaces and for transforming dark attics into a more functional family room. Simple blinds are all you will need to finish them off in most cases. It can really change a space even just by adding one sky light. 

On the existing windows in your home try swapping heavy dark curtains for light and thin floaty ones. You could even keep one set of curtains for Spring/Summer and another for Autumn/Winter.

If your home has been decorated with colours that absorb light rather than reflecting it be sure to give it a fresh paint job using whites and pastels. Re painting skirting boards and doors in a glossy white also really helps to reflect light. 

Most homes which have been built for this climate have been built more with heat and shelter in mind than light and space. For the majority of the year we are just so busy trying to keep our homes warm that we forget the importance of natural light in our interiors. Being smart about what colours and accessories you use in your home will help you to make the most of the space.

Place a floor to ceiling mirror in a dark corridor or room to bounce the natural light around the space. This will work wonders for dark homes with low ceilings. Another great idea is to use a number of smaller mirrors together on a wall if you don't have the room for a larger one. 

If you are refurbishing a home with low ceilings and a number of poky rooms then why not opt for a double height room for the family area. Take out the room above and adding sky lights and larger windows will make the space seem large, light, and airy. 

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