DIY Easter Decorations!

Easter is fast approaching and what would be nicer than sitting down to create your very own decorations! Here are some really pretty ideas that are both simple and effective, perfect for getting your home ready for Easter!

First things first; if you are planning on using real eggs to decorate then it is recommended to drain them before decorating. You will need eggs, a safety pin and a bowl. Holding the egg in one hand, carefully puncture one end with the safety pin. Move the safety pin around to make the hole a bit larger but still keeping it quite small. Also be sure to break the yolk from the inside with the pin so that it separates and can drain out. You can puncture a small hole in the other end of the egg and blow through the egg to speed up the draining process. Once drained be sure to rinse the egg carefully and allow to dry.

Colour coordination is the key this Easter! Use shades that compliment each other when painting and decorating your eggs. Display with flowers of similar tones to create more of an impact. A simple way to create some pretty Easter décor is to paint up your eggs in three similar colours, for example three different shades of pink. Place these in a pretty bowl/basket. Then choose flowers which pick out the mid and pink darker tones and add sprigs of these among the eggs.

Another easy and really pretty idea is to paint your eggs a nice white shade and leave to dry - then mix up a variety of colours in watercolour paints.  Using a wet and loose haired brush, flick the colour onto the white eggs without actually touching them with the brush. You could even use a straw to blow colour from the palette onto the eggs for a sprayed and speckled effect. 

Kids will really get into the spirit of creation when you let them help you out with the decorations. You can even create little characters out of the eggs by painting on faces and other features. Make easy and sweet garlands using lengths of ribbon or string and cut out paper egg/bunny shapes which will be easier for small kids to decorate and paint.

Make an Easter tree by placing lengths of branches in a large vase or bucket. Tie on your pretty egg decorations with coloured ribbon. If you are looking for something a bit different then opt for a more monochrome effect when decorating. Use blacks, silver greys and white. Add bronze paint into the mix for something really different!

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