Beach Wedding Décor

What could be more romantic than a summer wedding by the sea? Using simplistic décor and soft colour tones, here are some beautiful ideas to get you inspired!...

Small tea lights in glass jars dotted around your table area will create a beautifully atmospheric display, especially as the sun begins to set. Battery operated fairy lights are another great option if the wind picks up. Spend a while at the beach a few weeks before your big day and collect a range of pretty shells, bring them home and soak them in some clean water and leave them to dry. Then use them as part of your table setting and other venue décor. A nice idea is to use a number of tiny vases holding small sprigs of flowers this will enhance the relaxed and pretty look and if it is outside will reduce the risk of them toppling over with the wind. 

When you are considering what colour palette to draw from it's easy to go for the typical light blues and whites but the beach holds a whole range of colours in the foliage, the sea and the shells and even the wildlife! So take some time when visiting the beach before hand to consider all your options.

Attaching gorgeous shells to wedding favours is a great idea. Use drift wood as part of your venue décor, whether you actually get married on the beach or not, the driftwood will instantly set the mood for a relaxed beachy wedding. 

Set off your light displays by using a mix of large candle lanterns for pillar candles. The lanterns will protect the flame from the wind and also stay true to the seaside style. At Strawbridge we stock a number of gorgeous candle lanterns and tea light holders as well as wedding decorations. Visit us in our showrooms at the Shopping Courtyard, Mount Usher Gardens, Ashford, Co. Wicklow.

The floral displays that work best at a beachy wedding are loosely assembled blossoms mixed with long greenery as opposed to structured flowers like Lilly's etc.  One of the best things about beach style weddings is that they allow you to create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere while remaining pretty and elegant. This gives you more freedom in terms of décor. 

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