In Situ!

Here is some of our beautiful furniture in situ in a stunning restaurant! The colour scheme chosen is full of soft white and cream shades which work perfectly with the light filled interior. The bright tones give the furniture a modern feel and the traditionally crafted design gives it that classically chic look.

PRICE DROP NOW €1,733 ( WAS €2,047 )

Our Heritage Basic Line works particularly well in retail spaces as well as home interiors. This is due to the clean lines and simple yet detailed features making this furniture both beautiful and functional. Like all the pieces in our Heritage Collections this Sectretaire can be ordered in any of our colours and finishes. This piece is now €1,733 down from €2,047 in our price drop! Product Codes and dimensions: Glazed Cabinet: w 107 x d 39 x h 103 cm (Code: BL-3245) , Secretaire: w 100 x d 52 x h 104 cm (Code: BL-3244). The base of the Sectretaire and the Glazed Rack can be bought seperately.

w 47 x d 49 x h 87

€ 187 ( PRICE DROP NOW € 158 )

Product Code: TL-1190

This piece may be ordered in any of the Heritage colours and finishes.

If you are trying to achieve this look in your own intereior we recommend that you soften the affect by adding coloured textiles in either muted tones or vibrant for a complete contrast. Subtle light chocolate shades have been used here in the upholstered furnishings to balance the brightness of the whites and to add some warmth.

These gorgeous chairs are part of our Heritage Traditional Line and are a great choice for any kitchen or dining room. They look wonderful as a full set on their own but can have a great effect when mixed with other chairs from the same collection. Click here to view the full Heritage Traditional Line collection. Remember all of our Heritage collections can be ordered in any of our colours and finishes giving you the widest possible choice and allowing for a colleciton unique to you.

For more information please contact us on: 040440502 or pop into our showrooms here!

As well as furniture we have a wide variety of home accessories in our showrooms including lamps, candles, candle holders, quilts, cushions, table linen, mirrors, art prints and much more.


w 45 x d 49 x h 92 cm

€ 187 ( PRICE DROP NOW € 158 )

Product Code: TL-1223

This piece may be ordered in any of the Heritage colours and finishes.