Muted Metallics

Infuse your interior with a chic new look by adding touches of cool metallics. Introduce subtle pieces and display them at different points in one room to create an overall look that is understated and elegant. We have a new range of candles and candle holders that would be perfect for achieving this particular look.

Candle Holder with Rope


Candle Holder (Round/Small)

€ 9.00        ( Round Candle €4.50 )

The smooth reflective surfaces of these pieces work very well with our range of textured lambswool and tweed throws, especially the blue and grey toned ones. Our lambswool throws are €69 and €49.50. Couple these along with our woven log baskets and you will have a beautifully subtle nautical theme. Our large round baskets shown here are €44.00 and our smaller rectangular ones also shown are €33.00.

Maritme Candle Holder


Our steel candle holders, seen below, are hand forged in Scotland using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Each handmade piece is then meticulously polished to accentuate the natural textures of the steel. The look of these unique pieces can be adapted by your choice of candle and we have a wide range of coloured and scented/unscented candles in our showrooms. Click here for our location!

Handmade Steel Candle Holder

€49  ( Round candle €4.50 )

Tall Round Candle Holder



This is a very classy look and can be adapted to fit into most interiors. We have such a wide variety of accessories and furniture and are always introducing news items into our showrooms. If you want to update the look in you home or even just one room without doing a major overhaul then begin by collecting a few items that look well together and use them as your style key. That way you can slowly add to your look by picking out tones and textures from your key pieces to influence the rest of your interior.

The candle holder below is another of the handmade pieces and is priced at €49, ( Pillar Candle: €4.50 )