New Van Gogh Fossil Paint!

We are proud to be launching a new line of products in our showrooms! The Van Gogh Fossil paint collection will be launched along with demonstrations on Sunday the 28th of September from 2pm - 5pm. This incredible paint will open up a whole new world of possibility when it comes to revamping your home or upcycling a piece of furniture. The launch will take place at our showrooms, click here for our location.

Fossil paint has been around for hundreds of years and the chalk based Van Gogh paint is perfect for revamping furniture!
Van Gogh fossil paint has a smooth velvety texture and is very easy to apply. Although it's a chalk paint, its finish is very smooth and sleek.

As well as providing a paint with perfect consistency, Van Gogh also offers a variety of finishing products which provide a whole palette of different effects including eg. metallic sheens and frosting making it truly unique. With a vibrant range of colours and finishes to choose from it will be hard to leave any piece of furniture untouched by this beautiful paint.

We will also be giving frequent demonstrations on how to use the paint and get the best possible finish. The beauty of this product is that your furniture needs very little preparation so you can get right down to the fun part! Also there are just endless possibilities because of the finishing products or 'furniture make up' as they are also known.

Our demonstrations will also provide a great opporunity to come and ask questions about how to use the paint as well as to get some fantastic ideas. Whether you are in to shabby chic or super sleek, come and have a look, you'll love what you see!  Beginning this Sunday at our showrooms in the Shopping Courtyard, Mount Usher Gardens, Ashford, Co Wicklow. Click here for directions etc. and join us for what promises to be a great afternoon of fun and discovery!

Here is the beautiful palette of colours available in the Van Gogh range! Come on Sunday to pick up yours!