Our Story

We enjoy making homes beautiful.

Strawbridge is an 80’s baby! We were founded in 1984 as a family owned business that prided itself on restoring antique furniture to its former glory.

We have come a long way since then, having not only increased our furniture range throughout the years, but specialising in beautiful homeware, art work and garden accessories too.

Recently we have expanded once again, this time into the world of fashion. We now stock several ranges of ladies’ clothing that are right up to the minute; clothing and accessories that are stylish yet very well priced. Many of these lines are unique to Strawbridge in Ireland.

Strawbridge has lived through the rigours of two recessions, so we know what it takes: innovation, dedication to quality, positivity, value, and great customer service.

We understand how your home interior can affect the way you feel in your own space, and how important it is to shape your home to suit you.

Feedback is paramount to what we do at Strawbridge – the compliments we receive on our displays are one of the things that make what we do worth it. Nothing brightens up our days more than when a customer comes in and tells us that they are still enjoying furniture bought from us three decades ago!

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